Selena Looking To The Side

Most of us (all of us) are raised with rules for how to “do life” that we simply adopted as truth. Those rules have dictated your chosen career, relationships, home environment, what you prioritize at different ages in your life, how you spend and save your money, what and how you eat. These rules come in tandem with “shoulds” and guilt for doing anything outside of that accepted and celebrated path.

But just as easily as you adopted these rules as truth, you can change the rules. You can make your own rules, and live more in alignment with YOUR truth. You can live your dream life – and it starts now, with you.

What is Holistic Life Design? 

Holistic Life Design is a process of creating a lifestyle that is uniquely tailored to your preferences, passions and dreams while becoming your most radiant and joyful self. 

Life Design asks you to take on the mindset of a designer. Lead with curiosity, explore your passions, consider what sparks joy.

Designing Your Dream Life Requires 3 Things:

  1. You must work on your mindset

The only thing holding you back from designing the life of your dreams is you. What’s getting in the way? Your fears and your limiting beliefs of what’s possible or “realistic.” So, the first step in holistic life design is examining your current belief system and working on your mindset. This requires a significant amount of self-awareness and internal work. I’ll be honest with you, this can be challenging! It’s uncomfortable. Introspection brings up deep-seeding fears and sometimes painful memories… but what is on the other side of this Work is freedom. And it is absolutely worth it. 

2. You must get clear on the life changing question, “what do you really want?” 

You must get clarity on what you want. What do you really want in your career, your relationships, your finances, your travel experiences, your home environment, your health and wellness? What IS the life of your dreams? You don’t need to know the answers to those questions – you just need to be interested in finding out. You need to be curious to start exploring. Through the process, you’ll begin to direct your attention and goals towards the things that light you up, bringing you more into alignment with your passions and preferences. After-all, what you want is to live your dream life… so clarity on what that actually is, looks like and feels like is part of the process.

3. Invest in Support

I used to think that hiring help was a sign of weakness. I had so much pride wrapped up in figuring it out by yourself, in doing it alone. But while you can do it alone – you will break through far greater barriers much faster if you invest in support and accountability. 

Hiring a coach is the fastest way, but there are lots of support groups, resources and communities (in person and online) that likely exist for whatever it is you’re working through or towards. 

The benefit of hiring a coach is the direct, specific and deeply personal attention you get. A good coach will guide you into greater clarity on what you want, illuminate specific limiting beliefs that hold you back or get in the way of you fully receiving your dreams, help change your beliefs and sense of identity to be of a higher vibration, hold you accountable to the necessary action steps and habit changes that align with this higher vision for yourself and support you in your journey whole-heartedly. 

A relationship with a coach is one of thought-partnership and full, non-biased support in you creating your dream life and feeling your best. 

Ready to write your own rules and feel more at peace, more at ease and far more joy? I offer free calls to see if coaching is right for you. Reserve your complimentary intro call here)