Benefits of Private Yoga: The Power of a Personal Practice

Private yoga will transform your life. Working 1:1 with a yoga teacher will make your commitment to your yoga practice unavoidable, while you build a deeper relationship with your body and mind. You’ll gain powerful tools to take with you into a public class that will empower your own body awareness and help protect yourself from injury and allow you to get the most benefit out of the poses. You’ll set aside time to decompress from the stressors of your everyday life, and speed up the recovery from other injuries, building strength and trust in your body.

If you’ve ever taken a really great yoga class, you’ve probably felt that “yoga high.” That floaty lightness, a gooey warmth in your skin and a softness across your face. You feel calm and centered, your mind feels a little clearer than when you sat down on your mat to begin, and suddenly the things you were worrying about earlier don’t seem to be as big of a deal. You may feel taller, less stiff or rigid in your libs. Words might not come as easily and yet you feel a sense of connection to your fellow classmates as you roll up your mats. As you step out onto the street, you realize, with pleasant wonder, that your back doesn’t hurt and your shoulders feel relaxed. You can’t help but notice that you just feel… GOOD.

That feeling is what keeps people coming back to yoga. And with yoga studios popping up in even the smallest of towns and with tons of online studios and classes (like these ones!), you can tune in to a guided yoga flow anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. 

But the real benefits of yoga begin to unfold when you dedicate yourself to a consistent practice. It’s not just a one and done experience, and while group classes and a home practice are amazing, there is SO much to learn and grow from by working with a private yoga teacher.

Why Work With A Private Yoga Teacher?

A private yoga teacher will help you commit to your practice. 

A private yoga teacher will make your practice unavoidable. It’s pure accountability. And from that commitment, you’ll begin to witness and experience really profound progress. Not just in your physical and mental body but in every other area of your life. Working with a private teacher makes your commitment to your practice (and healthy lifestyle) that much stronger.

A private yoga teacher will teach you the science of yoga. 

There’s so much science and research behind yoga and meditation, and while you can garner some of this information in a well taught public class, an expert private yoga teacher will share curated and relevant information with you in your sessions. They’ll be able to answer specific questions you may have about why certain poses for certain symptom relief, how to do the poses correctly to get the full benefits (and stay safe while doing them!), how to breathe, which muscles to engage, and so much more. As you go deeper into your practice, you may get curious about meditation. What a great discovery! A private yoga teacher will guide you into deeper states of consciousness, and can share different tools to explore with their guidance and on your own.

If you’re an athlete, private yoga helps you become that much more aware of your body, and you’ll start to see profound improvement in your sport(s).

A private yoga teacher will help you understand your body, how to support it and challenge it safely. 

While yoga truly is for everybody and every BODY, not every body is the same – and where you are at now might be different than what you needed 5 years ago. 

A good private yoga teacher will offer hyper-individualized support and cues to meet your body where you’re at and help you work towards your unique goals. They’ll show you how to make the poses accessible and safe for your body. For example, if you have really tight hamstrings they’ll show you variations and how to use yoga props to be successful in the poses so that you don’t injure yourself.

This is especially valuable if you are recovering from an injury. A private yoga teacher will help support your body where it’s at right now and rebuild strength and TRUST in your physical abilities, while avoiding further injury. 

You can take the information that you learn from your private yoga teacher and apply it to group classes so that you prevent injury in group classes as well. You’ll feel empowered in your own practice and be able to adjust, take variations, and speak from a place of knowledge and trust in what you need. You’ll become much more comfortable and aware of your own body, and how to support and listen to it. 

The healing power of hands on adjustments

There’s something incredibly healing about the power of intentional and meaningful touch. Not all yoga teachers or yoga studios will offer hands-on adjustments for a variety of safety and consent reasons, but often in a yoga private that boundary is well communicated between teacher and student, and if both are comfortable there’s an opportunity to glean a lot of insight, grounding, awareness and energetic release from hands-on adjustments. The placement of hands in certain yoga postures can help inform you, the practitioner, of where your body is (or is not) in space. Hands on adjustments is a special part of the yoga practice and part of the relationship you build with your teacher. 

and finally, a good private yoga teacher is all about relationships. 

Working with a private yoga teacher builds a relationship – one between yourself and the teacher, as well as a relationship that you build between yourself and your body. Yourself and your mind. A good private yoga teacher will hep facilitate that relationship which is absolutely life-changing.  

How to find or choose a private yoga teacher

Not all yoga teachers are the same! 

You may have noticed that I use the term “good yoga teacher.” Like all professions, there are great yoga teachers and there are – frankly, mediocre teachers. So how do you find a teacher to work with, and how do you ensure that they’re a good one?

Who do you already resonate with?

If you’re already taking public classes, pay attention to which teachers you resonate with. This can be online (like YouTube where you can practice with me for free!) and in person! Most – though not all – teachers will offer privates, including virtual privates. The dynamic between you and a teacher can become a very special relationship, and so you want to feel comfortable with their presence and enjoy their teaching style.

Ask your network for referrals or recommendations

Ask your friends, local athletic clubs, community organizations, coworkers, local gyms etc for a word of mouth reference. Tell people you’re looking for a yoga teacher, and you might be surprised by what unfolds or who comes your way!

Check out online resources to find a personal yoga teacher

Check out resources like Yelp or Thumbtack to search for yoga teachers in your area. These websites also have a reviews section, so you can see what other people are saying about the teacher, what their unique specialties are, and if you resonate with them. 

Don’t be shy to try several different teachers before choosing who you’ll commit to for the long run. Do an intro session and see if you like their style. Consider what your personal goals are with your practice and if their expertise will meet and challenge you. 

While this is a relationship, relationships sometimes outgrow each other. If you feel that the teacher you’ve been working with no longer fits your goals, it’s okay to move on! Every body has something different and unique to offer, you can glean a lot by working with different people. 

How much does a private yoga teacher cost?

The cost of private yoga will vary widely depending on where you live, the experience level of the teacher and so many other factors.

If cost is a concern for you, most teachers will offer discounts on package rates. You can also negotiate other options, such as meeting every other week or enlisting a friend or partner to do a small-group session and split the costs. And remember, this is their profession! Value their time and they’ll value yours.

I have worked 1:1 with students across the globe, some for over 6 years. I’ve seen my students through the stressors of daily life, knee surgery rehabilitation, getting back into movement after giving birth, disordered eating recovery and building self love, improving their tennis and golf games, anxiety, and so much more. Yoga is a practice that supports your longevity, and private yoga is an incredible tool to transform your habits, feel good in your body at any stage and bring overall balance to your life.

Do you want to work with me?

I have been teach yoga for over 7 years, in public classes, online and worked with private students across the globe. If you’re interested in working with me, send me an email at and I’ll take it from here! 

“I began practicing with Selena in January 2022, her sessions were an incredible reintroduction to yoga after having not practiced in many years. Weekly sessions built a cadence where we were able to address my mobility issues (neck, back) and make me feel confident to join group classes and practice at home. Practicing with Selena built a deep love for the practice and the space that it creates in your body and mind. Selena is grounded and accountable, and a true joy to work with. She excels at planning for your unique body, lifestyle, and circumstances to address your needs in a meaningful and impactful way. I would highly recommend Selena to anyone looking to create an intentional practice and way of life.” – Phoebe, Architect and Entrepreneur, NYC