What is Intuition and How To Access It

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If you feel overwhelmed with decision making, anxiety about making the wrong choice, waste time worrying and over-thinking, second-guess and generally feel uncertain in your life, then you’re not accessing your intuition. I help clients and students unlock the power of their intuition and learn to listen to their inner guidance system in order to access greater confidence, decrease anxiety and show up more fully as a leader in their lives.

What is Intuition

Intuition is a form of knowledge that does not come from reason or logic. Now, if you tend to be a highly rational and logical person, this can be infuriatingly vague… WHAT IS INTUITION?

The thing is, intuition is instinctive, meaning that it’s felt in the body. It cannot be “thought” about.

So to access your intuition, you need to learn to shut your brain off and tune in to the subconscious level of your body.

If you’re still confused, keep reading ….

Intuition is your personal knowledge center. That’s right, your knowledge center is not your brain – it’s something far more nuanced and yet wildly more intelligent. Humans are so much more than just our minds, and intuition teaches us that we have a unique ability to cut through complexity and access clear decision making… if we just LISTEN.

While it may seem mysterious, intuition is an innate ability we all possess. It allows us to tap into deeper layers of understanding beyond what can be explained by logic alone. The wisdom of your intuition draws upon the subconscious processing of emotional, cognitive, energetic, and felt-sense of the world around you.

What Does It Mean to “Listen to Your Intuition?”

Your intuition is your inner guidance. It allows you to read people and situations, signals to you if something or someone is safe (or not), guides you in making clear and aligned decisions, and has a profound impact on your self confidence.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘gut feeling,’ but intuition manifests in many ways. It can show up as an immediate insight or sense of guidance, a sudden realization, a strong and unwavering conviction, a sense of certainty about a particular decision or direction or action.

In order to listen to your intuition, you must be deeply in-tune with your body. As mentioned, intuition is a felt-sense, a quick and sure “knowing.”

A highly intuitive person is really powerful.

If you trust yourself and your intuition, you feel sure-fast confident in your decisions, you experience less second-guessing, less anxiety about making the wrong choice, less time wasted worrying. There’s just momentum, and we all know – if we’re not moving, we’re dying. 

How to Deepen Your Intuition

Practice Yoga:

Yoga deepens your connection with yourself. Yoga brings awareness not only to your physical body but even deeper – tapping into the subtle and energetic body. This level of awareness increases your sensitivity to sensations, which are ways in which your intuition is trying to speak to you.


Regular meditation allows us to quiet the mind and create space for intuition to surface. It cultivates mindfulness and self-awareness, providing a fertile ground for intuitive insights to emerge.

Trust your Instincts:

Begin by paying attention to your gut feelings and instincts in everyday situations. Act on them. With practice, you’ll become more attuned to their reliability and gain confidence in following them.

Spend Time in Nature:

Disconnecting from the noise and distractions of daily life and spending time alone – and even better, in nature – can be profoundly nurturing to our intuition. It helps us tap into our authentic selves and the wisdom of the natural world. There’s so much to learn from being in nature.

What About Reason?

Your intuition might not always make logical SENSE. This can be difficult to navigate at first, especially if you are a more rational or logical-minded person (hello, Earth signs).

Living by the guidance of your intuition takes TRUST, and trust takes time to build. So start small.

Tomorrow morning, stand in the kitchen, close your eyes and ask yourself… do I want coffee or tea this morning? What does your instinct tell you? Don’t over-think, just act on it. Go with the first response. Starting small and honoring those small tinges of information will begin to build trust for when you face bigger intuitive insights, like related to your health and career.

If you want to become more in-tuned with your inner knowledge and unlock the power of your intuition, I recommend practicing the below guided body scan. This will help carve out precious time in your day to slow down, get quiet and deepen your relationship with your body and become more sensitive to the powerful information it’s trying to tell you.

Want to take it even deeper?

Selena is a Life Coach specializing in helping people unlock clarity on what they want, give themselves permission to pursue it and the courage to claim it. Intuition and self discovery is the cornerstone of her work with clients – book a free introductory call here!